Picking Etiquette – Les Bonnes Manières

I’ve been meaning to write a blurb about this for a while, but what has just happened to a wonderful lady who has been participating in our project since last year, has motivated me to put it here publicly. So here it is: this wonderful participant had plums in her italian plum tree for the first time this year. By some form of miracle, the squirrels didn’t decimate it as can be expected of suburban trees. They were good looking plums that she (and I, ok, I’ll admit it) were really looking forward to tasting. And then she comes home today to find that her tree has been picked clean. Not one plum left…That’s sad, and frustrating and all kinds of other things.

Moral of the story: if you see fruit in someone else’s private yard, please ask before you take some fruit, let alone take all of it. That’s just not good karma. More than likely (as I can tell you from experience), the owner will gladly share some, and what’s better, you may even get to know a new neighbour. So ask away people!



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